Break the Bubble
Year 2018
Categories Campaigns, Art Direction

Online or offline, we all live in a bubble. With our friends and family that share our ideas, thoughts, way of living, social and political opinions. That is why it’s very hard for us to realize, understand and act on the fact that people around us might live a very different life, have very different challenges that maybe, in our bubble, don’t even exist anymore.

That bubble seems so far away, it’s unreachable.

It’s so different, that it feels overwhelming.

It’s so unthinkable at times, that it almost doesn’t exist for us.

The Idea

The value of a generation stands in the way we treat people less fortunate than us.
So we need to break this bubble if we are to move forward.
Break the bubble, unite our worlds, act together through UNICEF’s Minimum Package Services.

Showing these issues would be only a first step. We have to have the answer to Romanian’s most common question in such situations: “Yes, but what can we do? Somebody should do something!”

This is where UNICEF comes in with its Minimum Package Services, its strategic long-term view of how we can offer opportunities for every child if we act together and support each other.