mobile version
Brand Flanco
Categories Ui Design
Year 2016
The process


According to studies, 70% of Internet users in Romania use mobile devices to search for products and services, and 15% of them have bought at least once from mobile. For an offline IT&C product store like Flanco, this modern consumer trend has raised the bar in terms of communication and interaction with it.

The newest mobile phones have (and will continue to have) a big lead over previous generations. The challenge of being a reference for everything that means a mobile interface both today and in the future is also a factor that determined us to push the limit beyond "what can be done" and come up with creative solutions.


The mobile area has many technological advantages, making it even easier to buy online: precise geographical location, fast phone dialing function, maps integrations.

The outcome

Development of a responsive customized mobile solution for flanco.ro, aiming to increase the quality of the user experience and interaction with the site on the mobile phone.