Accelerate your business growth
Year 2018
Brand Microsoft
Categories Campaigns
Project Goal

Is your Company prepared to win in the race of digital transformation?
Your timing is good enough to be on pole? But can you survive the knockout?

The Concept

This is the Race Marshal speaking, from the pit lane. Everyone is on a flying lap and I’m sensing that you are leading the race. 

Accelerate your Business growth at lightning speed!

Experience how fast is FAST!
How track information becomes business intelligence.
How padock engineers are the automation.
How the racecar gadgets are the IoT.
How the gear paddles are machine learning.
How track data is big data.

"In Formula One you cannot negotiate on the deadline. You have to be ready for when the light goes green."

The Invitation

What would be really disruptive is for an BDM to receive a racing helmet, branded with Microsoft and the date of the event.
For sure it will stand as a trophy on their desks and will be a future discussion opener with every guest in their office.
The feeling of receiving such a gift can only ignite the desire to participate of every selected audience and for sure it will create buzz on social networks among their bubbles.
The helmet is also required for piloting the race-cars on the track day.