AI Guardians
Brand Microsoft
Categories Campaign
Year 2019

Win your place in the Microsoft AI Hall of Fame. Identify and solve local or global education pain points through Artificial Intelligence, and get a chance to win an all-expenses-paid boot camp in Warsaw, Poland.

The Idea

Microsoft challenges the new generation of tech warriors to bring the power of Artificial Intelligence in education. Aiming to inspire and support through technology the educational journey of the next generation, Microsoft invites universities from 25 countries to a higher education competition. Who are the next AI Guardians? Skilled minds building Earth’s layer of intelligence, in an effort of mixing knowledge with the right tools, man-made and creatively-envisioned.

The brave kind that is innovating right now for the layer of artificial intelligence that will further shield and take care of the Earth’s Heartbeat, which we call the A.I.Osphere.