Beauty as I am
Brand Oriflame
Technology Cinema 4D
Categories Video Directing
Year 2018
Project Goal

We are a multitude of experiences and choices.
We are molded by our past, by people, by ideas and dreams.
It makes us who we are, it builds our confidence, it defines our style, it opens our eyes to opportunities. It’s us.

The idea

A story about challenges, determination, sensitivity, and the courage to be new. Because real beauty goes beyond physical boundaries.

Dance in the mirror!
The most honest moment is the one when you look in the mirror and it’s only you. No one else there to tell you how you should look, who you should be, how you should react.

The Thinking Behind

The goal on the set was to get to the mood of Justin Timberlake's Mirrors, capturing as many reflections of the heroes. This proved to be challenging because all camera movement and acting had to be planned and directed before the shooting day. 

So I have created multiple previs shots in 3D, using Cinema 4D, and tested them in a virtual set.

Making Of