Fix what you love
Year 2019
Brand Picatura / Fenedur
Categories Campaigns, Art Direction
Communication Strategy

By design, glue is the proven magic that unites.
As if by magic, Picătura not only fixes broken things, but helps you preserve their story.
Fixing an object, you restore a timeline. And the object’s story goes on.

The Idea

Looking at at a pair of broken glasses won’t mean much for our people. What matters is the story.
Imagine the same glasses worn loose by a grandfather staring closely at the TV set on the weather channel, trying to figure out what to wear this morning to walk his grandson to the kindergarten.
We don’t show (the moment) something is broken, we tell the story of what has been fixed and the bond that has been reinforced.

My Role
Strategy, creative framerowk, art direction, presentation pitching.