Daruieste o realitate ca a ta
Year 2019
Categories Campaigns, Art Direction
Communication Strategy

Both nature and the environment in which we grow contribute to who we are today. We are born with a genetic heritage and grow in an environment that contributes to our modeling. When nature disadvantages you, the environment can make up for certain shortcomings: through education, support, healthy eating, medical treatments and a lot of attention.

Children with disabilities in disadvantaged communities have not only the problem of disability, but also that of the environment in which they live.

We are part of that environment. It is a common bubble, which also contains us, those who can compensate and contribute so that our reality becomes part of the reality of vulnerable children.

The Idea

Launching a challenge among the National Ambassadors for UNICEF in Romania, asking them how they would have become today if they had faced a disability that would not affect their entire career but would make it more difficult.

My Role
Strategy, creative framework, art direction, presentation pitching.